Our 10th Anniversary Homeschool Family Conference was August 7-8, 2023, and our theme was “Plants Grown Up.” We shared ways to plant seeds of faith in our children and to teach effectively so that we can see good fruit.

Everyone is now able to watch the conference for free on HomeschoolingTorah’s YouTube Channel.

Conference Schedule

Welcome Party

Day 1

This day is airing on YouTube on August 9, 2023. Check back every half hour, beginning at 10 AM Eastern.

Since this is our 10th Anniversary at Homeschooling Torah, we hope you’ll enjoy these special videos from our archives:

Day 2

This day is airing on YouTube on August 10, 2023. Check back every half hour, beginning at 10 AM Eastern.

Since this is our 10th Anniversary at Homeschooling Torah, we hope you’ll enjoy these special videos from our archives:

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YouTube Party Thank-You Gifts

Thank you for coming to our YouTube welcome party! Here are some gifts and resources for you:

Conference ticket holders also received 24 amazing gifts, to help them homeschool with excellence, have a strong family, and walk in Torah. In addition, 22 ticket holders won valuable prizes, including an annual membership to Homeschooling Torah ($479 value)!

Our Sponsors (in Alphabetical Order):

We have searched for companies that are passionate about raising up children for the Kingdom. We’re excited to bring them to your attention! Check out our sponsors and give them your support.

“If you visit their websites, let them know you heard about them from the 2023 Homeschooling Torah Family Conference.”

~Anne Elliott


Know the Time Change Your World

7 & 50 Rhymes

Why is the seven-day week important to wise financial investment and planning? In Know the Time, Change Your World, Barry Miller answers that question with a study of those seven days. Author Barry Miller also explores biblical cycles of seven years and fifty years to shed light on wise times to take financial risks and wise times to shed risk. This book makes an excellent study for high-school students and parents alike.

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Amen Pray

Amen Pray

We are excited to share a new iOS application called Amen Pray! Amen Pray will help you improve your prayer life through ease in creating prayer items, organizing them and praying more with the help of reminders.

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Foundations Press

Foundations Press

“My husband and I prayed that we would raise godly children who loved YHVH with all their hearts and loved their neighbors, too. We wanted to equip them to know what the Bible said, to know how to apply it to their lives and culture, and then to obey it! We weren’t exactly sure how to do that, though.

“Through much prayer and study, over many years, we came to a startling discovery. If we wanted our children to know and obey their Bibles, we should use the Bible in our home, all day long, every single day!

“That’s what we’re here to help you do, too. We will provide the tools you need to use the Bible as the primary textbook in your homeschool. We’ll help you equip your children for ‘…every good work.'”

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Heritage Letter

Heritage Letter

Heritage Letter helps you connect the rich history and beautiful geographic areas of the United States with your children! Through our monthly letter subscriptions your family can learn about great American historical figures with Heritage Letters or explore the US’s most beautiful geographic regions and historical sites with American Heritage Adventure Letters. Let us help you awaken wonder and excitement in every member of your family with every letter!

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Homeschooling TorahHomeschooling Torah

We believe that knowledge of the Scriptures is essential for our children.

But real homeschooling moms want to study the Bible with the whole family together. They also want a study with some meat to it, that really digs into God’s Word.

So we’re excited to introduce you to the most practical curriculum on the market, written specifically for your Torah-observant family. It includes lesson plans for preschool to high school — from Bible, history, and science to math, grammar, reading, writing, and phonics. It even include beginning Hebrew, music, poetry, art, health and fitness, and chores!

We include discussions and helps so that the Words of YHVH can be taught “diligently to your children,” and so you can “talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.”

We clearly and repeatedly point to Yeshua as Messiah in the Old Testament, and emphasize the validity of the Torah in the New Testament. And we’ll include biblical parenting and homeschooling methods, grounding both parents and children in “the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of power, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of YHVH.”

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London PublishingLondon Publishing

Niki London is a recent widow that has taken to making useful notebooks, guided journals, planners, and more, to help bring in income for her family. She is passionate about herbal medicine and learning about herbs, and she has dedicated a lot of time to designing a study journal to help people learn more about herbal medicine.

London Publishing on Facebook | London Publishing on Amazon

Lydia Lu LanguagesLydia Lu Languages

Hello! My name is Lydia Hunt. I’m from Michigan, where I was raised with my parents and 14 siblings. I am married, and we have two young daughters and another baby on the way.

Throughout my life I’ve felt called to my Father Abba, worshiping through children’s programs, church worship, studying and copying my Bible, photography, and song writing, gradually finding a passion for the language of His people Israel.

I believe the entire Bible is for all of us today. I believe it’s God-breathed and necessary to be “thoroughly equipped for every good work,” like 2 Timothy 3:16-17 says. But without a proper knowledge of the language it came from, how can we truly understand it to the fullest?

As I built upon my passion, absorbing the intricacies and symbolism in my learning, I unknowingly began my journey to writing Hebrew curriculum. And just like that, Lydia Lu Languages was born!

Visit my website, where you’ll find blog posts with tidbits of me in them, language-learning videos and audios, and of course, my Hebrew curriculum books and other products.

Visit Lydia Lu Languages

Notebooking Pages


NotebookingPages.com offers customizable notebooking pages that inspire curiosity and a genuine love for learning. These pages are perfect for unit studies, narrations, copywork, and more. With a versatile collection of pages and notebooking apps, families can replace monotonous worksheets with engaging, personalized learning experiences.

Debra Reed, a homeschool mom of 10, found freedom in notebooking and now helps other families do the same. Her mission: to replace busywork and burnout with engaging, personalized education. Discover how Debra’s notebooking pages can inspire your homeschool journey and reignite your child’s love for learning.

Get started on your notebooking journey with their free notebooking pages sampler! Sign up to access a diverse selection of notebooking pages that can enhance your homeschooling experience. Experience the benefits of engaging, personalized learning for you and your child.

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Nothing New Press

Nothing New Press

The ancient paths are of paramount importance to the education of our children. Our books and curriculum materials emphasize the knowledge of the history of mankind and Western Civilization, beginning with the first historical act of import, God’s creation of the universe out of nothing.

Books by Nothing New Press are the official history textbooks used by Foundations Press and Nothing New Press, winners of the Reader’s Choice Awards by Cathy Duffy, and used by bestselling homeschool publishers worldwide.

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Solel Sabbath Fellowship

Sukkot with Solel Sabbath Fellowship

You are invited to gather in central Michigan for Sukkot this October 1-9, 2023, for eight days of fellowship, encouragement, and adventure with dozens of other families in the heart of Michigan.

There will be teaching and fun activities for all ages, from children to older adults. We will have daily worship times, Bible study for adults as well as children, discussion times, singing around the campfire, and lots of fellowship, plus a time for a baptism/mikvah, fun classes, and special activities for the first and last day, as well as Sabbath. We will also enjoy adventures around the campground, such as the climbing wall and ropes course, plus craft times and games.

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Speak Up for Life

Speak Up for Life

Life is precious.

Speak up for Life presents places in recent history that endured unprecedented attacks on life. Looking into some of the atrocities that have happened to God’s people and how easily life can be threatened can teach us how to live wisely in these uncertain times. Discover special people like Corrie ten Boom, the Midwife of Auschwitz and Kenny Blacksmith and how they lived and responded in the face of danger and hardship. Through vivid photography and beautiful artwork, unfolds true life stories that will challenge readers to speak up for life, stand in the gap, and be Jesus’ hands and feet in our culture today. Gently introducing controversial issues that are not often connected, each chapter immerses readers into a rich variety of resources. Dive deeper into studying Scripture in order to live an abundant life that brings God glory and carries His healing to the nations.

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The Truth: Reformation 2.0

For 2,000 years, Christians taught that trying to keep the laws of the Old Testament is at worst, a blasphemous attempt to earn one’s salvation and at best, a misguided pursuit meant for Jewish people alone. Thanks to our fortunate involvement in the New Covenant, we don’t need to concern ourselves with now-symbolic food laws or the shadow-picture feasts of Leviticus 23 … or do we? What if those laws are essential to the New Covenant and tied to the very purpose of life? What if they reveal more of Jesus’s example for us to follow? And what if the law of God is a perfect reflection of who He is, allowing us to know Him in a deeper way than ever before? The Truth: Reformation 2.0 is a lighthearted, hard-hitting apologetics resource written to equip Torah observant believers to understand and defend their faith using Scripture.

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Torah Family Living Torah Family Living

We believe Torah affects how we treat each other, teach our children, do our chores, and even how we treat our animals. Our goal is to give you the tools to actually live Torah out. We have homeschool materials, Bible study tools, a planner just for Torah keeping moms, and more.

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Torah Sisters Magazine

Torah Sisters Magazine is a great resource for women who love Yeshua! It’s available in print and digital and includes encouragement, feast help, Sabbath tips, parenting, and so much more.

Also, check out the freebies also available at www.TorahSisters.com.

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Torah Woman

Here you will also find a wide range of topics including marriage, family, housekeeping, Sabbath prep and observance, Bible study and prayer, recipes, memory scripture, family fun and date night ideas and all kinds of things to think on to better serve Yah/God, others and grow ourselves. I know what it is like to not have women to help you grow or challenge you to do better. Perhaps a lot of headaches, heartbreak and discouraging moments could have been prevented if I had truly Godly Titus 2 women in my life all those years ago. If I can help even one women avoid any of the mistakes I made or things I learned the hard way, that would be amazing!

Visit Torah Woman

Trained Up in Torah

Trained Up in Torah

Trained Up In Torah is a virtual community of Hebrew parents endeavoring to assist one another and others in training up our children, in The Way they should go, after Messiah, unto Elohim, through Torah, with weekly Virtual Sabbath School lessons that air on YouTube and Rumble for children K-5th grade.

We feel all Yah’s children will enjoy them though! Our lessons are really for the whole family.
We have Scripture stories, Hebrew, history, nature, crafts, music, moral stories, praise, prayer, worship and more all centered around that week’s Scripture story.

We want children to see The Word isn’t an ancient book for ancient people. It’s interwoven into nature, history, and our present lives. Without His story there is no History! It’s truly alive!

Trained Up in Torah on YouTube | Trained Up in Torah on Facebook | Trained Up in Torah on Rumble

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