Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


What is your homeschooling philosophy?
We believe that parents should direct the education of their children, and our job at Homeschooling Torah is to provide parents with the resources they need. We use the Bible in every subject, which forms the basis of all that you will teach your children. Discussion forms a large part of each school day. Some subjects also contain worksheets, tests, and quizzes. Many assignments involve “notebooking,” a journal of what your students are learning each day. As you read aloud and discuss (from both Scripture and books), your students make a record of their learning. The best way to learn about our philosophy of education is to read these blog posts:
You are also welcome to download our 138-page eBook, Biblical Home Education, if you’d like to learn even more.
What courses are included?
Your membership to Homeschooling Torah includes several Bible courses, history and science for all grades, math for K-8th grade, and a complete language arts program for all grades. We also include preschool, Hebrew, and electives such as typing, crafts, art, music, speech, and P.E. Click here for more information on what each course includes.
Will the subjects taught in the curriculum meet the legal requirements for homeschooling in my state?
Although we feel that our curriculum would meet the legal requirements of any state, we strongly recommend that you contact HSLDA to find out the exact requirements for homeschooling legally in your state. We do provide rigorous curriculum for grades K-12 in the following areas: religious instruction, math, reading, language arts, science, social studies, fine arts, and health and physical development/education. Our membership site does not qualify as an umbrella school, a private school, or any other kind of “school” that will have oversight over you. We just provide lesson plans, worksheets, training, and lots of encouragement to parents and teachers. If you are looking for an umbrella school, we highly recommend AliYah Academy.
Does your curriculum line up with the Common Core State Standards?
We believe that God’s Word, the Scriptures (all 66 books), is the only “Common Core” that matters. If the states pass a standard that happens to match up with Scripture, we’re in agreement with those parts only. Of course, we’re fully aware that many parts of the state standards do not match Scripture. We want nothing to do with those. Here is our official statement on Common Core.
What is the cost per child? How much will it cost for the entire family?
Homeschooling Torah costs only $47/month or $479/year. Homeschooling Torah is unique! Our low price includes your entire family, no matter how many children you have! It includes all our courses from preschool to high school.
Are any additional books needed?
When you join HomeschoolingTorah, you’ll receive everything you will need to homeschool your students from preschool to high school, with two exceptions:
    • You will need to purchase additional books for History. To ease the cost, many of the books are available as eBooks. Your membership also includes coupons and bonuses, which can further reduce the cost.
    • We do not yet have advanced math for high school (such as Algebra, Geometry, etc.). You will need to purchase high school math elsewhere.
When do classes start?
You may start your school year at any time of the year, although you should keep in mind your local homeschooling laws. Many Torah-observant families like to school year-round, so that they can take time off for Biblical holidays such as Passover in the spring or the Feast of Tabernacles in the fall.
At what age do your resources start? At what age does preschool start?
Our Preschool curriculum can be used anywhere from 2-6. Anne has also written a book specifically for preschool parents, called The Four Foundations of Lifelong Learning. (This book is included in the purchase of a membership to Homeschooling Torah.)
How do I choose which curriculum to use for each of my children? Do you have placement tests?
When you join Homeschooling Torah, our goal is to allow you to tailor our curriculum for the needs of your family. Our Bible, History, and Science curriculum each have assignments for early learners, middle grades, and high school. We offer language arts and math for each grade, but you will have the freedom to move up or down a level if the one you choose is too easy or too difficult.
What is the time commitment needed for homeschooling each day?
We generally recommend that a parent is available for discussion and group instruction for 3-5 hours per day. Students in the middle grades and older may have additional reading, writing, or arithmetic assignments to complete on their own time.
If my children are old enough to read and write, can they do this curriculum on their own? Will a parent need to be available to help during lessons?
Truly, Homeschooling Torah is intended to be done as a family, to help families fulfill Deuteronomy 6:6-7, which says, “These words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up.” Having said that, there are some customers whose middle-school or high-school students are able to do much of the work on their own, enabling parents to work full-time if needed. Here is a blog post with helpful ideas.
What tools and equipment will we need?
You will definitely want to have a Bible, and each of your students who are of reading age will, too! You can use the version of your choice. You will need access to a printer to print all the eBook lessons. Here are some printers we recommend. You’ll also want paper, a 3-ring binder for the teacher and each student, and a 3-hole punch so that you can get organized. Other school supplies can be helpful but are certainly optional. We encourage being budget-conscious!
Will my students need to have their own computers or tablets?
No, your membership to Homeschooling Torah gives you access to eBook-style (PDF) teacher guides and student worksheets, which you can access on the membership site. We suggest that you print the PDF lessons, then insert them into your own Teacher Binder and Student Binders. Some lessons include links to other websites or videos, which you can access directly from your membership site. We strongly suggest parental supervision when accessing any of these links.
Can I purchase printed copies this curriculum?
We are gradually making our curriculum available as printed books in our shop. Many of our books are already available, and we expect to add more each year. Meanwhile, members of Homeschooling Torah always get access to our entire curriculum, for one low price each month.
Is there someone who could speak with me on the phone? I have questions that aren’t answered here.
We don’t currently provide any one-to-one coaching or consultations; however you can use the Pick Our Brains feature to send us your questions via video, audio or text whenever you need, and we’ll send you a personal video reply within a day. You will be talking to the “real us,” but you can ask on your own time and we can reply when we have a moment, between homeschooling our own children, doing the laundry, and writing curriculum. Contact Us Here

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