“This is the best Bible-centered curriculum I have found, and it is a joy to use. My kids and I love it, and we do it together as a family each day.” – Katie in Michigan
Girl reading her Bible

“My youngest child is graduating this month, so I am writing to cancel our membership. Please know that in the 20 years that I have homeschooled, I have never used more academically sound curriculum or experience such ease of use then with your curriculum. But most importantly, our family has never been quite so blessed through our school then when using your programs. We came to your program with children who were late grade school through high school, so I didn’t use the early materials, but we used almost every part otherwise at some time or another, and was always impressed and blessed!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your diligence to follow where our Creator lead and for being a willing vessel for Him to work through. I tell everyone I can about your program, Torah Observant or not!” – Tasa D.

“We started school this week, and had a GREAT week. Your curriculum was a part of that! I have been able to have some really concentrated Bible time with our 8-year-old daughter. She is  seeing the ‘themes’ of Scripture in the games we play. It has been a blessing to us both. And, she is seeing, biblically, that we are to obey. Not just cuz Daddy and Mama say so, but cuz God says so. (That has been a hard concept for her to grasp.) I also really like the activities that you have listed. They are just enough to dig a bit further, but not so much that either of us feel overwhelmed.” – Michelle from Alaska

“This is the first time we’ve been consistent with our Bible study time since we started homeschooling. Thank you!” – a mother in Missouri

“Just know that you are changing lives by your obedience to the Father. We live in a place where we have no other Hebraic believers so you’ll never know how much your ministry has meant to our family. I am able to take Biblical History and make it simple for my young teen children yet have soooo much depth in the study. More importantly, I am able to make their daily lessons relevant in their daily walk because of the guidance you have provided through your history curriculum. My prayer is that they will pass all they have learned down to the next generation. Shalom and many blessings.” – Renee in Utah

“We have been using this and REALLY liking it!” – Dawn on Facebook, about our World History curriculum, Year 1

“We’ve only been using the curriculum for one month and the difference that we have experienced in our home and school life has been dramatic. Granted, the Holy Spirit has already been doing a lot in us by giving us ‘the gift of repentance’ and ‘transforming us by the renewing of our minds’ in some very key ways. However, getting to switch curriculums has been part of that. My son has always been a very strong personality and clearly has a leadership gift on his life, but that has meant that ‘in the raw’ he has been rather prideful and not very teachable. It was so bad that I ended up switching to Robinson Curriculum which meant that he basically had to learn on his own. The problem was that even though it is technically Christian it was not teaching a Biblical worldview. At all. Meanwhile Holy Spirit has been at work in me and brought me back to this desire to use the Word as our textbook. So before it has been extremely hard to motivate my son and to get his work done in a timely manner. Even though it was just the basics of reading, writing and math. Now our days feel so ‘oily’…so much grace and joy and inspiration! Actually, joy has become our new normal! He is generally positive now and quick to respond and get his work done. Even writing which he has hated, he is doing it without complaint. He’s showing that he’s actually hearing and ‘keeping‘ what he’s learning. He’s also struggled to memorize stuff but he’s memorizing Scripture easily. He even has taken initiative to continue practicing memory verses from past weeks in order not to lose them. He’s got me doing that now too!! I love that we are able to keep Yeshua and His Word in our minds and mouths all day long effortlessly. There is something so amazingly ‘centering’ and grounding about having the Word be our consistent focus. EVERYTHING is easier. Truly ‘His yoke is easy and His burden is light’! I’m also loving learning right along with my son. Because now everything that we learn is really just about being amazed by our amazing God! The other day we were learning about dragons in history and we decided to do some more research and we found some videos from Answers in Genesis that were both interesting and fun. These moments are also creating precious connection moments between my son and I whereas in the past there has been a lot of friction. We are bonding as Holy Spirit is breathing life through the Word. Just today I was absolutely shocked when the science work for today was to review his vocabulary from the past weeks and he actually knew a lot of the key words…he’d ‘kept’ them! I really am experiencing being served by the curriculum rather than being a slave to it. We get to just follow where the life is, whatever Holy Spirit is breathing on. In addition, I find myself looking forward to my days now because there’s so much less stress in them. I experience being in charge of my days rather than ‘under them’ if that makes sense. And I’ve also been sleeping better. I love how I’m also getting to ‘lose’ a lot of compartmentalization and dichotomies in the way I’ve done life because everything seems to just come together and flow in a way that I don’t even understand. Somehow the mystery of ‘losing your life’ in order to find it…dying to the wisdom of worldly education methods for the wisdom that comes from above and is pure, peaceable and full of good fruits. Thank u so much for this indescribable gift! – G, missionary mom living overseas

“I’ve been searching for a curriculum that started in Genesis and read straight through the Bible. That our whole family can do it together? Well, that’s even better!” – a mother in Arizona

“Just feel so happy this morning, my special needs 8th grader Andrew has damage to his pre-frontal lobe because of in-utero hydrocephalus as well as to his brain stem from mild chiari malformation. Common core math was just devastating for him because it depended on his one weakness – the mental ability to organize concepts into a larger whole. Seven years of public school math had left him feeling completely defeated and stupid. I would try to teach him the “old ways” at home but it had been drilled into him that he “had” to do his math according to these concepts. At the end of 6th grade he still had trouble subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Now after 5 months on Homeschoolingtorah’s Arithmetic program, my baby is doing beginning algebra! All he needed were rules and a simple process to follow. He can memorize the process, it just takes a lot of repetition. This is huge for him and for me. He is so proud now that he is “getting it” and I never hear him talk about how stupid he is anymore. His special ed teachers were amazing women, incredibly teachers, but they were trapped in a system that wasn’t designed for my son. Baruch HaShem YHVH! Blessed be the Name of my King!” – Tyler in Minnesota, about our Arithmetic curriculum

“We’re on week 2 of Foundations Year 1 and loving it! They have their Memory work down already… Mommy needs that extra week though. (wink)” – Brynn on Facebook, about our Bible curriculum

Arik - First Grade“Just a quick note about the Foundations of Grammar. One word, Love it! Okay, that was two, but then this is grammar not math! Thank you for the wonderful work you have done on the curriculum. We are wanting more daily of God and less of the World… I want what they learn to point them to our Heavenly Father. Then they will have no doubt whatsoever in any part of Scripture.” ~Karina from Oregon

“We are halfway through our 3rd week and we are loving it so far! I have a 3rd grader and a ninth grader. Both are feeling engaged and peaceful. Thank you!” – Tamara in California

“Thank you for your Bible curriculum, and yes, we are really enjoying it. I love that I can do Bible with my 6-year-old all the way up to 13, and I’m still getting Bible time for myself. I also had never actually memorized the entire books in order, and now I know them, YAY!” – Tiffany

“To say that I am pleased with this curriculum could very well be the understatement of the year. The suggested reading list is spot on. The lessons are clear and easy to follow. It is very thorough and even teaches some concepts that I hadn’t thought to teach my children before. I even learned some tips on Bible study and memorization. I appreciated the mom’s notes and check-off lists that go with the lessons. My favorite part (okay, one of them) is that this is chronologically based. There is no better history than that of the Bible, and this curriculum give your kids a much greater understanding of how to appreciate and utilize the Bible, our most important tool.” – Heart of the Matter

“Well, you made my night!!! I would love to be the first person to buy the next year as well!!! I have been waiting for a course like this for a long, long time!” – Pam on Facebook, who was officially the first person to buy our World History curriculum

“We love your Bible program and love that our son will continue to grow in studying God’s Word. We were using another program but it was not teaching a deep understanding of the Word and was too time consuming. We have only used yours for a month but everyone is happy with it. Now with the other two books we will have the Bible curriculum we need once returning to the field.” – January, missionary to Ghana

Kids singing“Thanks for all you do, meaning using the Bible as the primary and main focus of our homeschool. I have homeschooled for over 10 years now, and the explosion of products out there can be extremely overwhelming. Good to have resources available to keep one grounded in what really is important.” – Sherri

“Thank you SO MUCH! I just purchased and downloaded and all went smoothly. I am set. It has been blessing our family greatly. The program is exactly what I was looking for and something that will grow with my kids as they do.” – Kelli

“I have already skimmed over the plans for Daniel’s statue (World History Year 2) and am so encouraged by how Bible centered it really is. I’m very excited about what we will learn this year and the connections we will hopefully make.” – Deena

“I am using your Foundations 1: Preparation for Christ, and have totally loved it. I have been able to have some really concentrated Bible time with my 8-year-old daughter. She is so seeing the “themes” of the Tuesday and Thursday Bible “Sword” Drills (as we call them). I write out small notes to the right as she reads, then go back and read those to her and have her give me a “theme” name for the readings. It has been a blessing to us both. And, she is seeing, biblically, that we are to obey. Not just cuz Daddy and Mama say so, but cuz God says so. (That has been a hard concept for her to grasp.) I also really like the activities that you have listed. They are just enough to dig a bit further, but not so much that either of us feel overwhelmed.” — Michelle

“Thank you so much for all that you do. God has used you many times to discourage the call for the yellow bus and I’ve only homeschooled for 2 years! Thank you.” – Angie

“I love your foundations curriculum. It’s what I’ve been looking for. Thank you so much for it and the link to it. God Bless You and your Family!” – Chelsea

“First of all, thank you for taking the leap of writing the Foundations Bible curriculum. I have bought all 3 volumes, and we are finishing up volume 2 this spring. I recommend it to everyone I come in contact with — homeschoolers or not! He has used our time in Bible to bring us closer as a family to Him and to each other. Thank you again for your faithfulness to His Word and all the wonderful ideas in Foundations. I am excited to finish ’round 1′ of the cycle and looking forward to seeing how He will continue to work in our lives.” – Jennifer

“I really appreciate it and so do my kids lol…they actually like school now!” – Miriam

“I want to let you know that during the short week or week and a half I have been using your curriculum I have seen amazing progress in both of my girls. My rising 2nd grader is copying her work neatly and reading thanks to the phonics and reading programs. We started from the 1st grade at cat pan hen and we will just work our way through. My rising 3rd grader is completely writing in cursive. She is writing all of her Bible copy work in cursive. Math drills and arithmetic are also fantastic for my girls. Such an amazing transformation in a short amount of time and all with just using your online materials and recommended books. It’s funny, I had one of the books from the In Grandma’s Attic series sitting in a box not touched, once I saw you recommended it and we started reading it the girls absolutely love it. A million thanks! Oh and yes I am able to login just fine. If I ever get the chance to meet you in person I would give you a big hug!!” – Keisha

“My teens struggled with diagramming sentences until we started doing this grammar. Now my daughter does them with no problems, and my son is really catching on. Michael Rood talking about how he came to understand the Word through diagramming made me see the necessity of this. I’m sooo thankful we chose this curriculum.” – Tammy

“Thank-you for all that you are doing. We truly are enjoying this curriculum more than we can say. It has made a big difference for our son that even his doctors and therapist have asked me, “What have you done? He is a different kids the past couple weeks.” They want to know what I have feed him, reevaluate the environment to find the connection. I know it is God, and I pray that they come to see that putting him in the center of everything is the best treatment for everything.” – Jessie

“I just wanted to let you know how much this curriculum has changed my life! My 5 year old daughter is loving the fun things we get to do, while taking on new responsibilities around the house. I am loving the structure it has added to my days. I am getting soooooo much done in a day. I really didn’t know what our school year was going to look like, or how I was going to add school time to our already busy schedule. Now things are running like clockwork. It’s amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work that you have put into this!” – Melissa

“I got this curriculum, looking for a GOOD, comprehensive, SIMPLE, easy to follow, Bible centered Bible curriculum and I was NOT disappointed. First, the program is comprehensive. It covers, Bible reading, memorization, drills to help your child be able to find quickly references. It approaches memory verses in a variety of ways, auditory, visual, kinesthetic. It really covers a lot of ground in NOT a prohibitive amount of time. I just consider this to be an all around great product.” – Rebecca

“Foundations 3 is the best year yet! My husband and I learned so much as we dug into Scripture with our children. My Bible is much clearer to me now.” — a mother in Iowa

We have your Foundations 1 and are planning to use that this year. I have been “going back to the Bible” a LOT for this year’s curriculum. Simply tired of all the other stuff and want the Bible. Period. Glad to find some world history with the same.” — Michelle

“We love your Bible program and love that our son will continue to grow in studying God’s Word. We were using another program but it was not teaching a deep understanding of the Word and was too time consuming.  We have only used yours for a month but everyone is happy with it.” — January

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