On August 24, I sent everyone an update letting you know about our family’s recent illness, which began on the last day of our 2020 Online Homeschool Family Conference. I mentioned that because of the virus we were fighting, we were running a few weeks behind schedule releasing our Word Power books.

Early the next morning (August 25), when I went up to wake the kids for the day, I tripped and fell down the flight of stairs from our second floor to our main floor. I was badly hurt and very nauseous from the pain. The bruising was bad, and my ankle and wrists hurt quite a bit, but I tried to keep working as much as I could. By the weekend, my neck was beginning to hurt and I was unable to sleep more than a few hours at a time. After a week went by, I was waking in the middle of the night in tears from the pain and I couldn’t finish a meal without feeling nauseous. It was time to see a doctor.

Today I met with a chiropractor who specializes in sport and spine injuries. (He’s a great guy! Thank you!) He shared that in addition to the bruises on my hips and shoulder, I was suffering from whiplash and a concussion. A concussion? I’m not sure why, but I had not even considered that possibility. It does explain a lot, such as my fatigue and difficulty concentrating on things and the terrible headaches I’m having.

Long story short… Guys, we are going to postpone the release of Word Power.

How long? I don’t know. I am going to see the doctor again several times over the coming weeks, and I’m going to be doing some brain therapy as soon as I’m able. (I praise YHVH that we’ve been down the road of these kinds of injury before, so I’ll just use the techniques I’ve told others to use.)

My concern is that I usually work very long hours each day on the computer — and the doctor only wants me to be on the computer very short times and to stop as soon as I have any kind of symptom such as headache. If I do as he says, I’ll be back soon and getting books written for you and your children.

If I keep working despite the concussion, I might not ever recover as I should — which could mean I don’t write books any more.

So I’m going to rest.

What Can You Do?

We will not leave you without a plan for this school year! We will plan to have digital (PDF ebook) Word Power lessons ready for you to download on October 12. These will be for grades K-8, so that you can use them this school year. These will be available at no charge to you, and together, we’ll continue to educate these children of ours for His Kingdom and glory.

What can you do for the next two weeks? Here are some ideas:

  • Practice the alphabet in English. Over and over and over. Research has shown that singing and writing and quickly identifying all the letters of the alphabet helps in spelling and reading. I have tested my children before, and I was shocked that they really weren’t very solid on this!
  • Practice cursive. Show your children how to make every letter, how to “tag” cursive letters together, how to keep the slant consistent, and how to keep the letters from being too skinny or too fat. Write a Bible verse and have your children read what you wrote. If Grandma can join in, that would be another style of handwriting to practice reading.
  • Practice the sounds of the Hebrew alephbeit. Here are some free downloads, some audios, and my video on Hebrew vowels.
  • Practice writing your full names (manuscript and print), your address, your phone number, and the names of all your relatives. Are there any other facts about your family that often don’t get taught?
  • Choose a Bible verse to be your theme for this homeschooling year. Spend time reading, writing, and memorizing it over the coming two weeks.

Abba willing, we will be back with Word Power lessons for you very shortly! Thank you all for your KIND and gracious notes, emails, prayers, and encouraging words. We love you all!

Click here for another update on Word Power and how Anne is doing.

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