Updated January 4, 2019

No, we do not offer any advanced math.

When HomeschoolingTorah started, we did offer Algebra 1, and quite a few of our students have used it. A small group of current customers are still using it, and we are continuing to provide them with support and resources through the end of 2019.

However, we have spent a lot of time in prayer this past year, and we also sought counsel from others. We strongly believe YHVH is directing us to concentrate our time on teaching Torah, but not to focus on upper-level math.

However, there are many other great curriculum that we can recommend. For instance, you can look into Khan Academy, which is free online. It comes with videos, practice problems, quizzes and discussion groups.

Of the paid curriculum, we recommend Bob Jones University Press, but a couple of our children have enjoyed Life of Fred. We hear good things about Teaching Textbooks as well.

Algebra 1 Study Group

Algebra 1 Study GroupFor customers who joined HomeschoolingTorah before December 31, 2018, we offer an Algebra 1 Study Group on Facebook.

We have a fun “dogs and cats” theme to help the students picture difficult algebraic concepts.

  • On Mondays, we teach a short video class to help the students get a GOOD start on each week’s new concepts.
  • On Wednesday afternoons, we have a Q&A time by video, where students and parents can ask questions and get help with problems they have encountered that week.
  • At any time, members can discuss with other families and get support from each other.

Members may apply to join the Study Group by clicking here:

New Edition of our Arithmetic

We can’t close this post without telling you more about the new edition of our Foundations of Arithmetic curriculum that we look forward to releasing in the future!

Our new edition will have the same scope and sequence as our current curriculum, but we will have separate workbooks for each grade (K-8th). We will be incorporating even more great learning activities, story problems from the Bible and everyday life, and pre-algebraic concepts to give your students increased confidence to enter higher-level math.

Our goal at HomeschoolingTorah is to have the Bible as our primary textbook — but to make it practical and easy on families every day!



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