The Bible is our Primary Textbook

image - The Bible Is the CenterMy husband and I prayed that we would raise godly children who loved YHVH with all their hearts and loved their neighbors, too. We wanted to equip them to know what the Bible said, to know how to apply it to their lives and culture, and then to obey it!

We weren’t exactly sure how to do that, though.

Through much prayer and study, over many years, we came to a startling discovery. If we wanted our children to know and obey their Bibles, we should use the Bible in our home, all day long, every single day!

That’s what we’re here to help you do, too. We will provide the tools you need to use the Bible as the primary textbook in your homeschool. We’ll help you equip your children for “…every good work.”


  1. We believe the Bible should be our primary homeschooling textbook.
  2. We believe that parents should direct the education of their children.
  3. We believe that the Bible tells us specific methods to use.
  4. We believe that homeschooling moms should be able to teach many children at once (without losing their sanity).

The Bible Forms Our Center

With our curriculum, the Bible forms the centerpiece of our homeschooling day.

  • We start by reading through the Bible, all of it, in order, so that we have a good understanding of the most important textbook in existence. We memorize large portions of it as a family, and we discuss the issues God thinks are important.
  • We learn the basics of obedience to God from the Bible first so that we are prepared to learn. Attention skills, order in the home, and respect for others are primary skills, taught from birth. Parents develop godly character in their own lives so that their children will have examples to follow.
  • As much as possible, we study together as a family, so that we can share core values and discuss God’s Word together. Studying together also keeps Mom from getting exhausted.
  • We use the Bible to study the history of the world, from creation until the present day, emphasizing those parts of history that God emphasizes.
  • We use a 7-day, literal creation as the basis for all our study of science and math. We learn to view the creation around us as a world of which we are stewards.
  • We study reading, grammar, and languages so that we can read the Bible with understanding.
  • We study writing and logic so that we can communicate the Bible to others effectively.
  • We take care of our bodies and our homes so that we are able to serve God with wisdom and efficiency. Our homes are filled with Scripture, so that we meditate on God “day and night.”

Anne Elliott

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