Homeschooling P.E. (for the P.E. Challenged Mom)


Homeschooling P.E. (for the P.E. Challenged Mom), by Anne Elliott (2005)

This is a set of simple lesson plans that walk homeschooling families through physical education. Intended for elementary-age children, it included plans to get the family up and exercising together.

Lesson plans each include 36 weeks (180 days).

You may download a 15-page sample of our curriculum. You’ll see an explanation of our curriculum, plus three sample weeks of lesson plans.


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Anne writes:

Are you a P.E.-challenged Mom? I am! I grew up in a traditional school setting, and I just despised physical education class, or “phys ed” as my teachers called it. I didn’t enjoy running around in the heat, making a fool of myself as I tried to catch balls, or changing in the locker room. Yuck!

So as a homeschooling mom, I was in a predicament. I understood the good sense in teaching physical fitness to my children. I realized the need for getting them off the couch and moving. But it was hard for me to set a good example when my memories of exercising and sports were less than fond.

In addition, as the mother of seven young children, I lacked the time to make lesson plans for yet another subject. Our day was already full with math, grammar, reading, writing, history, science, chores, music, service for others, housecleaning….

So I needed a plan. I talked to my husband, who has been involved with athletics on a high school level for many years. I read books on physical education, written by and for homeschoolers. I searched the Internet.

The result was a set of simple lesson plans that would walk me through physical education. These plans are intended for elementary-age children, since these are the ages of my own children. I planned for ways to get us all up and exercising together, since this was a need in our home. Finally, I tried to make it fun, since I knew that I wouldn’t want to continue if it wasn’t – and if Mom doesn’t want to exercise, why would the kids want to?

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You may download a 15-page sample of our curriculum. You’ll see an explanation of our curriculum, plus three sample weeks of lesson plans.

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How many lessons are included?

Our P.E. curriculum includes an entire year’s worth of lesson plans. That means 36 weeks of lesson plans, for a total of 180 days. Check out our sample to see what each week’s plans include.

Do these lesson plans conform to state and national education standards?

After looking at numerous standards, we realized that many of the standards overlap with other subject areas. For instance, in the state of West Virginia, the following seven components are objectives for their physical education programs:

A. Safety

B. Lifetime Wellness

C. Physical Activity

D. Social Skill Development

E. Movement/Rhythmic Development

F. Motor Skill Development

G. Computer and Technology

I’m sure it’s not difficult for you to see how many of these areas you are already teaching to your children, such as social skill development, safety, and computer skills. We chose to focus on the areas of physical activity, motor skill development, and a limited introduction to lifetime wellness.

We have only one child. Will this curriculum work for us?

The games and activities in this curriculum were intended for homeschooling families with at least two or three children. Since not all families are this large, you may need to adapt some activities. How? Mom and Dad can play along! You could join with other homeschooling families locally. You could invite your neighbor children to exercise with you each afternoon. Be creative and enjoy exercising together!

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For your convenience, the following pages of our curriculum can be downloaded and printed:

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