Foundations of Grammar


Foundations of Grammar, by Anne Elliott

This text is designed for homeschooling families, using the Bible as the primary text and presenting principles of English grammar in an easy-to-understand format that will help students learn to write and speak in a clear, concise manner, to think logically, and to understand language structure. We use diagramming to help students “see” what they are learning. Because of our unique method, you can teach grammar to all your 5th-12th grade students at one time.

We offer a 1-year plan to studying grammar. Lesson plans include 36 weeks (180 days). Teacher’s Guide includes all solutions. Student Workbook is consumable, and one is needed for each student.

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"You really can use the Bible as your primary textbook — even for grammar!"

Why do we study grammar? How can we learn to communicate God’s truth better?

One reason we learn grammar is to share the good news of our Messiah with the world. In addition, we need to express ourselves with manners. In other words, we speak and write with correct grammar so that others won’t be distracted by our display of ignorance. The messenger gets out of the way, so that people can hear the message. (See Romans 10:14-15.)

A second reason for learning grammar is so that we can learn to think logically and to analyze. (See 2 Timothy 2:15.) Diagramming is especially helpful for this.

For instance, we think that an inability to analyze sentence structure and apply logic to it is one of the key reasons why Paul's epistles are so often misunderstood. Check out the logic if-then statements used in 1 Corinthians 15:12-20. "If... then..."

Would you know how to find all the prepositional phrases, remove subordinate clauses, and find the main subjects and verbs? Would you be able to analyze the type of argument Paul is using here, just by analyzing the grammar?

We want our children to be able to read Scripture with understanding and to read other writings with discernment — and our curriculum will give them plenty of practice using passages like these.

Finally, learning English grammar helps us to learn foreign language structure. We believe that YHWH was the creator of languages at Babel (Genesis 11:1-9). Scripture says that we are to "go therefore and make disciples of all nations... teaching them to observe all" that YHWH has commanded (Matthew 28:19-20). How can our children make disciples of the nations if they cannot quickly learn their languages? A firm grasp of our own language will help with this goal.

After a strong unit teaching basic grammar principles, we provide daily review sentences taken from Scripture so that your students won’t forget what they have learned. Because of our unique method, you can teach grammar to all your 5th-12th grade students at one time. For students using our Word Power series for grades K-8th, we recommend Foundations of Grammar for 9th grade.

Topics Covered

Our grammar curriculum is intended for grades 5-12. It is excellent high school.

  • Prepositions and prepositional phrases
  • Compounds
  • Nouns (singular and plural, common and proper, spelling of nouns)
  • Conjunctions
  • Verbs (action, state of being, helping, verb phrases, negatives in verb phrases, contractions)
  • Sentence subjects
  • Types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory)
  • Sentence patterns (transitive and intransitive, direct and indirect objects, linking verbs, predicate nouns and adjectives)
  • Interjections
  • Adjectives as modifiers (including possessives and articles)
  • Comparisons
  • Adverbs as modifiers (including proper word usage)
  • Pronouns (including "old English" such as used in the King James Version)
  • Prepositions as modifiers
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Using Nouns (count and non-count nouns, collective nouns, appositives)
  • Verb forms and the correct usage of verbs
  • Relative and interrogative pronouns
  • Verbals
  • Phrases (gerunds, infinitives, appositives, and participial phrases)
  • Clauses (dependent and independent)

...and lots of diagramming! Diagramming helps students “see” what they are learning and also teaches logic and analytical skills that can be applied to any subject in life!

As students progress through the course, plenty of review is included. We especially emphasize using grammar properly in our speech and writing. Scripture passages are used as examples and in worksheets.

If a topic starts to get too complex for a student, no worries! We provide plenty of additional activities and resources so that you can set the lesson plans aside for a while to apply what you've been learning to real sentences and examples. Pick up the curriculum again when your student is more ready.

What Folks Are Saying...

  • One child struggling with grammar for four years is not only getting perfect scores -- he is actually "getting it"!! ~ Jennifer N.
  • Anne, I just wanted to tell you that after all these years of homeschooling, I have finally found a grammar program that I LOVE. I can teach all my children (ages 8, 10, 13, & 15) grammar at the same time. We're just starting Lesson 35, and even my 2nd grader has memorized 50 prepositions, being & helping verbs, and conjunctions, and can find prepositional phrases, subject, verb, direct and indirect objects, conjunctions, negatives, plus name the four types of sentences, recognize three sentence patterns, and diagram them! All in just a few minutes a day. This is by far the BEST grammar we've ever tried! ~ Jennifer R.
  • I hated grammar and struggled with it myself, so teaching it was so hard. Now we have no problems and no hair pulling and frustration when I say time for grammar. ~ Jessie R.
  • My 8yo asks to do the grammar! The other day my 4yo, who is always playing in the room with us, surprised us by singing half the preposition song all by herself -- correctly! It's amazing what they pick up when you don't think they're paying attention! ~ Amanda L.
  • My teens struggled with diagramming sentences until we started doing this grammar. Now my daughter does them with no problems, and my son is really catching on. Michael Rood talking about how he came to understand the Word through diagramming made me see the necessity of this. I'm sooo thankful we chose this curriculum. 🙂 Thanks, Anne! ~ Tammy B.
  • My 2nd grader is really enjoying grammar. At first she was getting stuck, and complained to me that she is doing too hard of work for her; of course, this is after she had it down pat already. She asked if the grammar work was for older kids. I had to tell her the truth... but only AFTER she had figured it out on her own. (She's diagramming sentences and doing sentence patterns like S TRV DO.) She's pretty excited she "gets" older kids' work! I'm pretty excited, too!!! ~ Melanie M.

How to Use


Each “week” of lesson plans is set up so that 3-4 days will be spent learning new grammar techniques with Mom, then 1-2 more days of review can be done relatively independently. Our goal was to allow Mom several days a week of intense study with her children, yet also give Mom a few days to accomplish housework, errands, and other responsibilities. You are always welcome to go faster than the curriculum suggests.


The lessons include a "Teacher's Guide" and "Student Workbook" that are designed to be used together. The Teacher’s Guide includes additional teaching information and answer keys that are essential.

In addition, we give all our customers a set of “Learning Aids” in a downloadable format, so that charts and flashcards can be printed on standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper. You may print them with color or black-and-white ink. We recommend inserting the charts into plastic sheet protectors or taking them to a local office-supply store to be laminated. You may wish to hang the charts on the wall.

We also include downloadable "Definition Cards" that can be printed. You can get fancy and laminate them, or you can keep them with your “Teacher’s Guide,” to be used in daily review times.


Memorization is an important part of our curriculum, so that students will have a mental “handle” on which they can hang all of the other things they learn. We will be memorizing lists of prepositions, types of verbs, kinds of pronouns, and definitions to various grammatical terms.

We try to make it fun with songs and silly pictures! (For instance, you can view the “Preposition Song” by Foundations Press on YouTube at


We use a variety of Scripture translations in this curriculum, including the KJV, the NIV, the Message, the Complete Jewish Bible, and many more.

Customers have asked us to make a KJV-only version of the curriculum, but we have no plans to do this. The lesson plans use the KJV often, because we are teaching a history of the English language. However, because our students live and communicate in culture that uses a form of English that has dramatically changed over the centuries, we wanted to use Bible verses that portray more modern English as well.

Also, at the beginning of the year, when not enough grammar is known, we use simpler versions, such as the NIRV. As the students learn more grammar, the more difficult versions (such as KJV) can be used.

By the way, we love using the KJV in pronoun study. Knowing what the “thee’s” and “thou’s” mean and knowing their “case” helps immensely in understanding both the Bible and the way we use English today. The KJV’s use of these so-called “archaic” words makes it much more specific and understandable. It also helps us understand Hebrew and Greek, languages which have more pronouns than our modern English. We think you'll really love learning all this!


This curriculum is intended primarily for grades 5-12. We have found that children younger than 11 or 12 can have difficulty grasping abstract grammar concepts. We recommend postponing formal grammar instruction until your child seems able to understand it better.

Even adults will love this curriculum – we know we did! If this is your first time learning grammar, don't be nervous. We're only an email away, and we'd love to help you out.

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We offer the following downloads to help you as you teach Foundations of Grammar:

“Learning Aids”

The charts and flashcards can be printed on standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, with color or black-and-white ink. We recommend inserting the charts into plastic sheet protectors or taking them to a local office-supply store to be laminated. You may wish to hang the charts on the wall.

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“Definition Cards”

We recommend printing these cards on standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, or on card stock. You can get fancy and laminate them, or you can keep them in the front cover of your Teacher’s Guide, to be used in daily review times.

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