Book List for World History: Reformation to Modern Times

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Necessary Books:

Optional Resources:

You should build a timeline and a notebook with your children this year. The following resources are not necessary but can simplify things.

Additional Books & Resources to Borrow or Buy:

  • An Island Story by H.E. Marshall
  • The World of Columbus and Sons, by Genevieve Foster
  • Abraham Lincoln’s World, by Genevieve Foster
  • All Through the Ages, by Christine Miller

Reference books I have on my shelf:

  • The Age of Revolution, and The Great Democracies, which are volumes III and IV of A History of the English-Speaking Peoples by Winston S. Churchill
  • A History of the Twentieth Century, by Martin Gilbert

Even more book ideas, from an old web page put together by Christine Miller:

High School Books:

  • Israel’s Tribes Today, by Steven M. Collinsespecially chapter 3, which is a wonderful history of many of the countries of Europe
  • Restoring Israel’s Kingdom, by Angus Wootten
  • The Origin of Species, Darwin (maybe? definitely do NOT agree, but it has shaped world history)
  • The Long War Against God, Morris (parts of it are assigned in other parts of our curriculum, but this book does a GREAT job of tying modern events all back to Babel again)
  • The Road to Holocaust, Hal Lindsey (I do NOT love this author, but this book brings up some excellent points)
  • The Short History of the Baptists, Vedder (a great book on church history, and many of the groups included are actually Sabbath keepers, rather than Baptists as we know them today; might be hard to find or out of print)
  • World War 1, World War 2, and The Thousand Year War in the Mideast, all three books by Richard J. Maybury (but both have anti-semitic undertones that would definitely need to be discussed!)
Note: The book list for Year 4 is still being developed, and more titles are likely to be added in the future.