Book List for World History: Ancient History

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Necessary Books:

These are the main textbooks used in this course and are needed almost daily.

Optional Resources:

You will build a timeline and a notebook with your children this year. The following resources are not necessary but can simplify things.

  • History Through the Ages: Timeline Figures (Creation to Christ), by Amy Pak (Homeschool in the Woods). We suggest the “Creation to Christ” set, which you can also use for Year 2. Note: This set does NOT include all of the dates that we will use in this curriculum.
  • Book of Centuries (Cottage Press). Glue the timeline figures (above) into the book of centuries. Year by year, as you study history, this book will become a treasured keepsake.

Additional Books & Resources to Borrow or Buy:

Unless you want to expand your home library, you may choose to simply borrow these books from your local library (possibly asking about the availability of inter-library loan).

Other Books You Might Wish to Borrow from a Library or Buy Used (Out of Print):

High School Books:

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