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Science - Year 1

Science Year 1 covers the six days of creation over the entire school year and is designed to be done together as a whole family, with additional independent reading and research assignments for high-school students.

  • Light, Energy, and Matter (Creation Day 1) – Topics include magnetism, electricity and currents, motion, force, light and sound waves, color, gravity, radiation, electronics.
  • Water and Atmosphere (Creation Day 2) – Topics include water, oceanography, molecules, atmosphere, weather.
  • Land and Plants (Creation Day 3) – Topics include rocks, minerals, elements, chemical reactions, earthquakes, plants, flowers, seeds, trees, fungi, mold, bacteria.
  • Sun, Moon, and Stars (Creation Day 4) – Topics include the moon and moon phases, planets, constellations, eclipses, galaxies, meteors, star clusters, comets, asteroids, calendars, and the study of space.
  • Birds and Sea Life (Creation Day 5) – Topics include birds, fish, amphibians, environmental science.
  • Land Animals and Man (Creation Day 6) – Topics include fossils, reptiles, mammals, insects, invertebrates, classification systems, microbiology, human anatomy and physiology, disease.