GIVEAWAY – See the Light

See the Light Art Curriculum

Anne says, “I first met the Christians from See the Light Shine in May 2012, when we hosted the Homeschool How-To Conference. Jim Pence spoke on “Ten Tips for Integrating Art and the Bible.” The See the Light artists are pleased to meet all of you, and they are looking forward to working with our members over the next year. Be sure to follow them on their blog, and on Pinterest and Facebook.”

David and Pat Holt of See the Light are giving away a Deluxe Set of “God’s Special Surprise.” This gift set includes: God’s Special Surprise DVD (285 mins), a pocket size-6 inch See The Light  Black Light (batteries included), eXtreme Colored Pencils, and Fluorescent Chalk. ($29.99 value)

This set would make a great resource for Passover or even as preparation for Sabbath, when we are to remember our redemption (Deuteronomy 5:12-15).

How to Enter…

To enter to win this deluxe art set, please leave a comment below.

  • Please share why learning art from a Torah-observant, Scripture-based perspective would be so meaningful to your family.

Giveaway will be valid until Monday, July 29, 2013, at 6 pm Eastern time. One winner will be chosen randomly on Monday evening, July 29, 2013. Be sure your email address is valid so that we can contact you if you win.


  1. To show that all things can be a way to worship and serve our Abba Yahweh!

  2. Belinda says:

    Honestly, my mind draws a blank. But my kids sure do love art :p

  3. Cassandra B. says:

    So cool! My kids love art. They’d think the blacklight things were awesome.

    • Cassandra B. says:

      As far as learning from a scripture based relevance, they learn to see the beauty of YHVH’s ways.

  4. My two oldest daughters have been blessed with a love of art! They are ALWAYS drawing, coloring and creating things. Teaching them from a scripture based perspective would be the icing on the cake!!!!

  5. Holly Trudgeon says:

    I myself am an artist, and enjoy praising Yahweh thru art. I would love to see what my kids can do! :)

  6. Jen Westphal says:

    Art is something I’ve never experienced through the lens of Torah – it would be fascinating to learn!!!

  7. I would think that art from YHWH’s words would show the true beauty of life not the fake things that we so often see around us! I want my children to see the beauty the the Creator made, not man’s idea of beauty!

  8. Stephanie says:

    My daughters love art and my son is slowly beginning to enjoy colors, perhaps this could peak his interest more.

  9. Learning everything from a Torah-observant, Scripture-based perspective is meaningful, because it teaches us the ways of G-d, and how to walk with Him on a daily basis. All subjects are valuable when taught that way. Thanks for the opportunity to enter for such nice giveaways!

  10. We have some talented girls here that would love to create with this

  11. The first week was all about creation of beautiful things. :) My daughter particularly has a gift for art and I do my best to encourage it.

  12. becky sommerville says:

    I really have not given a lot of thought to art and torah, so I know this would be an incredible learning experience for our family

  13. We are already teaching our children through Torah, but it would be nice to have a curriculum to work from.

  14. I struggle with teaching art and have looked at history-based art curriculum, but it focuses on things I want to avoid as far as church holidays and paganism. To have something from a Torah-observant, Scripture perspective would be very helpful.

  15. William says:

    Art comes from the heart and the more my children focus on Yahuah and His ways the more beautiful the art coming from their hearts will be.

  16. April Brown says:

    The Creator of the universe has produced and continues to produce the most beautiful artwork. To learn art from His ways seems to be the only way to capture the true beauty all around us.

  17. Jen Renee says:

    A Torah based Homeschool curriculum would certainly be awesome. So far all the ones I’ve purchased have man made holidays throughout so I end up skipping around all that and explaining.

  18. I’ve never thought about learning about art from a Torah-observant perspective. I would love to see how that works!

  19. Elizabeth TylerDawn Rosenquist says:

    My sons love art — me? Not so much, so it would be a blessing to be able to have a DVD to help me out with it!

  20. Dorita Gonzalez-Reynolds says:

    My kids love art! This would be a wonderful addition to our year!

  21. Erin Long says:

    It would be meaningful to learn more about this way of teaching. I also am interested because this curriculum keeps the family together. We homeschool to be together, but I feel torn between the kids for the different subjects.

  22. Katiemom12 says:

    We do art as a daily activity in our house and we talk about creation, and being creative is one way we are image bearers.

  23. Elizabeth says:

    I believe we can learn a lot about YHWH through His creation and even more with learning Torah which will bring a deeper beauty to our relationship with Him.

  24. My eleven year old uses her art to glorfy the Father and to help her own self work through the struggles of being so different than the world.

  25. Stephanie Meyer says:

    Abba created all things with such beauty. His way of doing art is the only way I want my children to know.

  26. AmandaF says:

    OH WOW! What a resource! what a blessing to see a curriculum that gives all glory to Yahweh! May we all desire to teach our children where our world, our talent, our gifts come from.

  27. My little one is an artist at hear!

  28. To honor Him in all we do.

    • Scripture-observing art lessons mean no worrying about appropriateness of materials for my children’s eyes

  29. Art can only find it’s fullness when one has a relationship with the first and ultimate artist… constantly amazed at the beauty all around us.

  30. Debbie Morris says:

    We would love to be able to teach children and people of other countries the Bible and use art to get those stories across. Our daughters and sons love art and want to use their skills to glorify God.

  31. Alycia Apostolides says:

    Because art belongs to God. He created beauty and we reflect Him when we share that beauty with others. Creation sings loudly of aphis Glory!

  32. Alycia Apostolides says:

    * of His Glory… Not aphis Glory! Sorry!

  33. Vanessa Perez says:

    Torah and art display Yahua’s character. YAhua paints pictures in the sky and never has the same sunrise or sunset. He is truly an artist and to have a set of art stuff would be to imitate the Father’s uniqueness.

  34. krystal reitz says:

    Yhwh was the one created everything, why not follow in his footsteps?

  35. Douglas III says:

    We need to create a truly Biblical World View

  36. What’s a better way to teach art to your kids, than to meditate on His word through this media?

  37. We currently have 2 good art curriculums, and although Christian, they still take a lot of time focusing on the Masters and not enough time on learning how to do art. I found out about “See the Light” through Homeschooling Torah and love the art classes and materials. Learning and doing art from a Torah perspective, the Father’s Way, would be something wonderful that isn’t currently available anywhere else to my knowledge. All for His glory!

  38. I just want my children to see they can learn all they need to know based on the Torah, including art. :)

  39. Rebecca says:

    I think it would be a more balanced approach.

  40. … to see the beauty of Truth and Art meet.

  41. Because as our children are learning more and more Torah observant Scripture, they also learn the ability to put that onto paper (or any other medium) from a true Biblical perspective, as opposed to viewing it from someone else’s interpretation (like children’s Biblical movies, coloring sheets, etc.).

    I think it will also give them an understanding of how wonderful our Father’s Creation is!

  42. michelle miller says:

    Love it!

  43. Jennifer says:

    I believe art is very important for brain development. Therefore, learning art from a Torah-based perspective would be enriching to the spirit, as well as the mind. What a great idea!

  44. I have always loved looking at creation through artistic eyes! The most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen have been in the sunsets.

  45. Phyllis H says:

    Art is an expression and a creative outlet. It definitely enriches the leaning process. David honored YHWH with beautiful music. Beautiful art can do the same too. :)

  46. my daughter loves art and can please her King by using and growing the talent He gave her :)

  47. Jessie Robles says:

    So wonderful to use the creative powers that God gave us. We really enjoy art in this family.

  48. Art is a beautiful way to worship our creator and we need more non-worldly art to look at.

  49. My artist-son will be ecstatic to hear about this!

  50. My granddaughter loves to make crafts! She enjoys making ” feel better cards” anytime someone is not feeling well. She has a three drawer cart with all of her are supplies so she can do this independently … She would so enjoy these new art supplies…and everyone in the family will too because we are the recipients of her masterpieces. They are hanging all over the house!

  51. because He made heaven & earth & everything in them. He had his own canvas in the Torah.

  52. We have a couple other videos from See the Light and they’re one of the only Bible story videos that my 4 yr old will actually sit and watch! That alone makes me want to get them all!! My older girls love the art and the stories!

  53. Angie B. says:

    I have never heard of anything like this! How beautiful to teach art from a Biblical perspective!

  54. Melissa Musson says:

    Just not sure but my eldest daughter is an aspiring artist and she sure would love this kit.

  55. Valerie Ambrose says:

    See the Light is another new resource to me and one that looks interesting as several of my children still at home have been blessed with artistic/creative talent and ability. Art was a subject that was always a daunting task for me personally as I have absolutely no creative or artistic talent. Since studying Torah my children have asked many questions relating to artistic pursuits and how to honor Elohim and not violate His instruction and I am at a loss for answers at times. This resource would prove valuable to them in many ways.

  56. Kristi Palmer says:

    Wow! Even Torah in art! My son loves art but so many of the materials for children focus on the world’s holidays; how fun it would be to teach art with a focus on Torah.

  57. Kasandra says:

    To show that YHWH made all things lovely, beautiful and colorful. We can enjoy the blueness of the sky He gave us or all the colors of the rainbow and His promise behind it :-) Also my daughter Hannah is dyslexic and blessed with beautiful artistic abilities.

  58. Love to have a Bible school in the summer for my grandkids so this kit would be wonderful to win!!

  59. Candace says:

    We love See The Light videos, and I love how she pulls out her Bible each session and relates a verse to her art topic. I want my children to relate everything back to God and His Word, and love that this company does that! Thanks!

  60. I have not seen this before… looks very interesting.
    My son does take art classes it would a blessing to add more supplies and different ways to teach him about art from a Hebrew roots perspective and honor YHWH in the process of doing so.

  61. My daughter wants to learn more about art, but we cannot afford art classes. I would love for her to learn art from a scriptural standpoint, seeing how so much art out in the world does nothing to honor the Creator.